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    • CR22 Overview

      The CR.22 offers up to four processing stations for a wider range of applications including terminal crimping, weather seal application or wire end twist and tinning. Digital servo driven CR.22 offers unique set-up features designed to shorten the machine set-up time, allowing for processing both large batch size and high mix production runs. The built-in crimp force monitor inspects each crimp for errors during production, and this will ensure each batch with precision perfection.

      This machine can feed wire up to 5 meters per second and can process up to 4,000 pieces per hour. The robotic device places the wire exactly where it needs to be with every cut, which dramatically improves crimping process quality. The integrated micrometer and pull tester ensures every crimp is to spec. The CR 22 can handle a wide range of applications, including closed barrel terminals as well as soldering.

      CR22 Capabilities

      • Stripping
      • Open Barrel Crimping
      • Closed Barrel Crimping
      • Insertion of Weather Seals
      • Wire End Twisting
      • Wire End Tinning
      • Hot Stamp Marking
      • Batching of Finished Wires
      • Coiling of Long Wires
      • Short Length Processing
      • Harness / Job Sequencing